CraftMania is my (Martijn) open-source game. It is supposed to look like Minecraft by Mojang. I am trying to make the game as close as possible to Minecraft. Before I made my source public, I asked on StackExchange if it is actually legal to do so. The answer was yes, as long as I don’t use the name Minecraft and do not use any assets created by Mojang. So right now, all the source code is available at my GitHub repository! You can also visit the blog!

I started the game in Java from scratch using some code snippets by Benjamin Glatzel for the advanced mathematical techniques he used in his game called Terasology. I’m using OpenGL through LWJGL.


You will need Oracle’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM). You should be sure that your Graphics Card (GPU) driver is up to date. It is recommended to take a look at “conf/conf.txt” and set the values you think are the best for your machine.

Run the Game

You can simply double click the CraftMania.jar file when you installed Oracle’s JVM.


  • [Z,Q,S,D] or [Q,W,A,S] Walking. Choose your Keyboard layout in “conf/conf.txt”
  • [Space] Jump.
  • [Left click] Place the block in your hand.
  • [Right click] Destroy the block on which you are aiming.
  • [F] Toggle God-mode.
  • [E] Open your inventory.
  • [O] Toggle overlay rendering.
  • [L] Place or remove a lightpoint (you should use torches, in fact :D )


Martijn Courteaux: The core of the game.
Banjamin Glatzel: Some code snippets.

Texture Pack

I’m using the awesome Good Morning Craft! texture pack by Louis Durrant (Carrot Cake Studios). Of course, this is a texture pack developed for Minecraft by Mojang. So, you might try his texture pack for Minecraft. Make sure you take a look at it!


Will be available soon.


You can download the latest build of CraftMania, hosted on here:!IRlnxYwB!chiv5kG5v7bVQeiRIRxg-lm1clgoh-henPhuzhq2YMs


10 thoughts on “CraftMania

  1. I agree, it looks quite impressive and installation works in one click.
    Is there an official website for it, with bug reports (like: “I can’t dig, and now I’m stuck in the air 50 meters high”) and so on or is it “just” a hobby (an impressive hobby)?
    In any way, congratulations. :)

    1. I’m sorry man, this was a hobby project a few years ago. The development of this game learnt me so much. If you are interested, you can fork the project on GitHub and dig in my (probably very rubbish) code to fix the issues.

      1. I’d just like to say, this is a great project, and I’m using it as a base for my game, currently known as Kubin, though much of it is being stripped out and redone, there are a lot of lessions I have learned from your code. Thank you very much!

      2. Hi ! Could be a good starting point for a Minecraft clone, but I downloaded the source and the jar but I’m still unable to destroy or place anything and also, inventory is empty….I look forward into the source code but I couldn’t figure it out !
        I would be pleased if you could give me a hint on that ??

        Thanks and nice job though !

      3. The keybindings are a bit different from Minecraft. I’ve put breaking a block on A on Azerty and on Q on Qwerty. But first, make sure that you configure the keyboard layout in the config file. Change to azerty or qwerty if needed. Placing a block is left click. Enjoy!

  2. Wow thanks a lot for quick response ! But saddly, I tryed every key on my keybord and….no good.
    That’s why my post is here…I never bored somewone before checking everything possible before. :D

    1. Well, I have one more suggestion. There is no animation for breaking a block if there is nothing in your hand. So you will have to wait a couple of seconds before you broke the block, while holding A/Q. Once you have one block in your hand, you will see that you are actually hitting the block.

      1. Well, I feel a little dumb ’cause this is the only thing I didn’t try !!! :S
        It works thanks a lot !
        May I give a try on code modification if it’s only for personal use ?

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