This is Martijn’s first serious game. Development started the 28th of June, 2012. Targeted platform is iOS and Android. Recently I have been toying around with a Mac OS X version of it. I guess that will come too. Gump is a 2D physics-based platformer game. The game concept was kept secret a long time. Now that I’m nearly finished. I will publish some pictures. The release date is scheduled for Februari, 2015.

Gump Screenshot

I tested my game on all iOS devices available today; this means:

  • iPod Touch 4th gen and 5th gen
  • iPhone 4S and iPhone 5
  • iPad, iPad Retina, iPad mini, iPad Air
  • iPhone 6 (Plus)

The game runs perfect on Android as well. I tested this on already 8 devices I think.

The game will support some major languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch (because that is my native language)
  • Spanish*
  • Italian*

(* These languages will be open for user contribution as soon as the game releases)

I can’t go with writing systems that do not use the latin alphabet. This is a bit too hard for me with my experience about internationalization. So languages like Turkish, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, etc will probably not be supported.

A screenshot from the main menu has been published lately.

Gump Main Menu

For this project, I wrote several application to help me develop the game. This includes:

  • A font mapper: this application takes a TrueType Font as input given at a specified size. Then, it renders all the individual glyphs to an atlas image. The atlas is built using a pretty efficient packing algorithm in order to keep the atlas size as small as possible. Don’t forget that this application prefers for example 950 by 300  over 1040 by 200, because images are always loaded with dimensions of powers of two.Font Mapper
  • An atlas creator: this application packs a huge set of images into one big atlas in order to be able to batch a lot of drawing on the GPU.Schermafbeelding 2013-07-19 om 14.00.25
  • A structure designer*: this is used to design structures for my game and export them to XML. My game will eat the XML flawlessly.Structure Designer
  • A level designer*: this is is used to draw levels for my game. This looks similar to the structure designer.Gump Structure Designer
  • A level selection designer*: this is used to design how the level selection screen looks. Again, similar to the structure designer.Gump LevelSelectionDesigner

*: I wrote for these two projects a generic and abstract core that allows me to create very quickly an application featuring a very nice GUI to design anything you might need in a 2D game for your levels etc. Of course, this is not meant to create images, but use images and put them into your scene. To see this engine in action, I uploaded two videos demonstrating this beautiful piece of hard work.

Recently, I created a little design to put in my headphones. Here it is: gump (PDF). I know it looks a bit rudimental but it is good enough for in a headphone, because it has only a diameter of 51 millimeters. This in combination with the quality of a home-printed image makes it definitely good enough.  It looks like this:



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